Data Security and Privacy Statement


This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect about you and why, what we do with that information and how we handle the content you place in our app for Jira Cloud ("App") which is fully compliant with the Atlassian Privacy Policy.


Policy means this Smartesting Yest for Jira Privacy Policy.

We, our or us means Smartesting Solutions & Services private enterprise, a company whose registered address is:

Smartesting Solutions & Services
18 Alain Savary St.
TEMIS — Maison des Microtechniques
Besançon 25000, FRANCE

App or Cloud App means "Yest for Jira Cloud App", the cloud software application developed by us and distributed through Atlassian Marketplace by us.

You or your means you as a user of our App.

Atlassian means Atlassian Pty Ltd, the owner and provider of Atlassian Marketplace and certain products (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc.) or other product or service, with which the App is used.

Customer Data means data created an Atlassian Cloud Product end user and stored within the Atlassian Product.

What Data We Access To

Unless otherwise stated below our Cloud App do not store Customer Data locally, but store Customer Data in the corresponding Atlassian Cloud Product. The data in your Jira Cloud instance is covered by your Atlassian Cloud product. Please see the Atlassian Security practices or the Atlassian Privacy Policy for further information.

Exceptions applying to the Cloud App:
When our Cloud App is installed, we store data provided and generated by Atlassian, that are required for license validation, contract administration and communication with the customer instance. This includes for example AddOnKey, ClientKey, PublicKey, SharedSecret, ServerVersion, PluginsVersion, BaseUrl, ProductType.
We store this so that our App can make authenticated requests to your Jira instance as well as receive authenticated requests from your Jira instance. This is pretty standard for any Atlassian Connect App for Jira Cloud.

Furthermore, when you install a Jira Cloud App, the app can request certain 'scopes' of access. Our App requires READ, WRITE and ADMIN scope. Please consult the page about Jira Scopes for more details. We require this access to do things like :

Data Location

Our App is hosted by Heroku, in Europe region.

Heroku utilizes Amazon’s secure data centers and the Amazon Web Service (AWS) technology.
The data you process through the App is protected and secured by Heroku’s security which you can learn about here: You can learn about AWS’ security here: